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Taming the wild beast
Published on December 7, 2004 By baublebouche In Blogging
Ok, it's bedtime and in my code fumbling, I've left a mess. If you read this and can help, please tell me how I can delete the extra 4 blog entries that are just slightly sub-par. ooey. The world is not big enough for "Dan-STINKIN-gerous" written more than once. It's time for bed and I'm done dealing with it tonight. Would an obvious delete button be too much to ask? Or are you fabulous techno wiz dudes/dudettes above delete buttons? PLEASE, remember the little people.


on Dec 07, 2004
Since I'm only seeing the two articles I'm guessing you found the delete button. But just in case, It's on the greyish bar under your article, on the far right of it. You'll only be able to see it if your logged on, and sometimes even then you can't. In which case log off/long back on. Hope that helps in the future.
on Dec 08, 2004
Eeesh. Yeah, thanks Danny. I found it. To be any more obvious, I suppose it would have to be red and flashing, huh?
on Dec 08, 2004
That's what I say. I think the buttons in here site are just too subtle sometimes! Have fun here, baublebouche.